Monday, July 29, 2013

Better, Faster, Stronger.

Hello All!

Soooo today I ran 35 minutes at a steady run, which is a tad faster then a jog. And not gonna lie, it was a little rough haha. But I did it, so that's all that matters! I'm really stoked because my co-worker Sogand has signed up for the Tinker Bell 10K, so she's gonna do it with me! Very exciting. :)  It will definitely be easier then doing it alone!

My sister, Melissa has started to use the Couch 2-5K app now as well, and she is doing a wonderful job! I am so proud of her. The fact that both of us are making strides to live a healthier and more active lifestyle makes me so happy. She and I have always struggled with our weight. One of the glorious gifts we have been given from our family tree. So to see her running alongside me, at her own pace of course, just warms my heart and makes me so happy. :) I couldn't be more proud. 

My Dad texted me today and said that I have inspired him to run and he ran a half mile today!! I was so happy!! My 52 year old Dad, who hasn't run in years, picked up his running shoes and ran today. I am just so proud of him. My hope is that in a few months, Melissa, my Dad and myself will run a 5K together! I think that is totally do-able. And it would make me happy beyond words. Now to just get Tony (my boyfriend) to start running too!! Haha ;)

Well, that's all for today. Thanks for reading, until next time!!

~Jess :)


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    1. I know meee tooo girl!!! It's gonna be so fun!!

  2. That is so awesome!!! You are inspiring me as well!! I am so proud and impressed by you. Congrats on all the progress! As much as I try to get on the running train, it is always a struggle. I would love to run a 5k with you guys!!! Keep me posted on what you are doing and I will try to get to a place where I can do that with you! Gonna have to step up my game starting NOW!! Love and miss you!!!

    1. Aww thanks Chels!!! We can definitely do a race, that would be so fun!! A Taylor family race, what a hoot that would be lol!!! Love and miss u too!!!